Brodey Clinic at Horton Hospital

Another week passes without any contact from Dr Rob Stewart or the Brodey Centre at the Horton Hospital in Banbury.  Another week of Matt not having any chemo.  That's four weeks that Matt's been off the chemo. 

On Thursday I managed to get hold of Lisa who runs the Brodey Centre and she knew that Matt had been referred to Dr Stewart.  The next step is for Matt to have an appointment with Dr Stewart in clinic - which are on a Wednesday or Friday.  The carboplatin and etoposide treatment will be explained and they'll check Matt's fit and well enough to receive the chemo.  If all's well, then he'll have a pre treatment appointment - have blood tests etc and then he'll finally start the chemotherapy.

On not such a positive note, Matt's had another couple of fits today. Thankfully Jenni was back so he wasn't alone.  Matt's tucked up in bed now, listening to the radio.


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