Fairy godmothers

After a stressful week, when it was confirmed that Matt's tumour was growing again, work informed me that, despite them acknowledging that I was Matt's primary carer, they would no longer support my flexible working arrangement to work from home.  That came as more of a shock than Matt's tumour growing again and really hit me hard.

Thankfully, fairy godmother Jenni arrived from France on Saturday and is staying with us - much to Syra's delight. Despite increasing the steroids, Matt's speech hasn't really improved.  He's also sleeping a lot more.  However, unlike the beginning of this year, he's still able to enjoy watching TV and is able to concentrate enough to play championship manager.   We're hoping his iphone will be fixed this weekend so he can listen to his audio books again.

We haven't heard anything since Dr Spooner's call last Thursday.  He did say that we would be sent a copy of the letter he was sending to Dr Stewart about Matt's chemo treatment at the Horton Hospital but nothing has come through and it's Wednesday today - nearly a week since his call...  Not so much of a miracle after all.

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