Fits, Falls and Finally...

What a morning.  5 am I'm woken with Matt having a fit in bed.  The first fit he's had in his sleep.  He then had another one shortly after when he was trying to take his pills.

Mal arrived with Alfie shortly after 7 am much to Syra's delight.  Rather than have a leisurely morning in bed, recuperating after his fits, Matt decided to carry on as usual, shower and get dressed.  Seconds after the shower stopped running there was a crash bang in the bathroom.  Matt had lost his balance and toppled over into the side of the bath.  We got him up and back to bed but minutes later he was back in the bathroom, wanting to finish putting his moisturiser on (not tinted - he's learnt his lesson on that one!).  Once again Matt lost his balance - or his leg gave way and he toppled into the glass cabinet.

After the fits and falls, that was enough drama for one morning for me but there was more...  We had a call from Dr Stuart's secretary to say Matt had an appointment at 1200 today!  Thankfully Horton Hospital is just up the road so we were able to make the appointment.  Dr Stuart was quite impressed with Matt and how strong he seemed so he's all signed up and starts chemo next Wednesday afternoon.  Just as well we cancelled our trip up to Scotland next week. 

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