In the middle of the night

In the middle of the night, when most normal people are asleep, the Chadwick household comes alive.  Matt gets up to go to the bathroom at 0400 and so Syra and Alfie wake.  15 mins or so later everyone settles back down down but no one can sleep.  The dogs are restless, my mind is whirring so by 0500 I give in and get up - my daily routine now.

Unfortunately it's not just me who is awake now - with Mal and Jenni staying, they also wake with the kerfuffle the dogs make.  The next thing I know, Matt's downstairs wanting to make himself a coffee.  Mal then pops his head round the door, fully dressed and ready for breakfast.  So much for some nice quiet time to myself.

This afternoon Matt and I will go up and meet Lisa at the Brodey Centre so she can explain the chemo he'll get tomorrow and give me the emergency numbers to call - in case Matt gets a temperature, is sick or has any bleeding. 

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