Oncology & Dr Spooner

After several calls to Dr Spooner's secretary it turned out the he hadn't dictated his notes from the meeting where they reviewed  Matt's scan so the new chemo wasn't on Matt's file so couldn't be ordered so he couldn't have it following his appointment with Dr Spooner.  Frustrating.

We arrived at Oncology for our 1430 appointment to read that there was only one doctor in clinic (Dr Spooner) and delays were inevitable.  Just when Matt was about to fade - around 1600 we were called in for our appointment.

Dr Spooner suggested putting Matt back on Dexamethasone - the strong steroids - 4 mg.  These are the steroids that made Matt go all puffy and eat like a trooper.  However, if they help reduce the swelling and help relieve the aphasia, then what's a little puffiness?

We finally moved on to Matt's chemo treatment.  Dr Spooner just wrote the names of the drugs down but didn't explain anything about them.  The proposed new chemo is:  Carboplatin and Etopside.   

Matt will be treated as a day case for this - no more tablets, we're back to intravenous chemo.  Dr Spooner was aware that we needed to make a special trip from Banbury up to the QE Hospital to receive this treatment so he said he would investigate whether we could have this at the Horton Hospital in Banbury.   However, should this not be possible, then we have another appointment with Dr Spooner next Monday - another appointment in Oncology, but no date for the treatment to begin...

As Dr Spooner was worried about what the chemo would do to Matt's white blood cell count, Matt will need a Neupogen injection on day 2 of the treatment.  Matt will also need to increase his steroids on days 1 - 3 of the treatment.


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