Platinum based chemo

While Matt's fiesty it seems Tommy's fiesty too and giving Matt a run for his money.  I had a call from Fred, one of our Macmillan nurses yesterday confirming that the MRI scan on Sunday showed change in Matt's tumour.  What makes it more difficult is that it's not one mass but lots of little masses.

Prof Cruickshank, Professor of Neurosurgery and Dr Spooner, Consultant Clinical Oncologist were both at the meeting where the scans were reported.  After discussing options, Dr Spooner was keen to try Matt on a platinum based chemotherapy.  Apparently he's used this before.

After googling the platinum based chemo, it seems like Matt could be started on Cisplatin or something similar - great that they're continuing to treat Matt however the drug sounds nasty:

 "Platinum based chemotherapy drugs are known to be rather tough to endure in terms of side effects. Arguably, cisplatin is regarded as the platinum drug with the most severe side effects, including neurotoxicity, nephrotoxicity (kidney damage), ototoxicity (hearing damage), nausea and vomiting."


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