Changes to chemotherapy treatment

Today's the day when (hopefully) our questions get answered.  We have an Oncology appointment with Dr Spooner at 1430.

Dr Spooner is the one who suggested that Matt switch to the platinum based chemo.  He's had experience using it when disease has spread.  Let's just hope he's made the right decision - based on Matt and not based on statistics.

I'm still not sure whether Matt can start the new chemo treatment today.  I called Dr Spooner's secretary up last week to check but (as usual) haven't had any confirmation.  If it is cisplatin, then we'll need to head back up to Ward 620 as it's administered intravenously. 

I think the best thing about the Temodol was that it was just tablets.  We could head up to the QE Hospital on a Monday for Matt's Oncology appointment - wait in the sutffy old waiting room to see the Oncologist but then we'd have the prescription for the Temodol and, after collecting the tablets from the hospital pharmacy we'd be free to head home again.

My money's on Matt not having his treatment today.  Given the experiences we've had when Oncology and Ward 620 have been involved, it'll be a miracle if it all goes according to plan. 

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