Real struggle with aphasia

Matt was sitting watching TV in the lounge, eating his porridge while I was in the kitchen cooking my porridge.  I then saw him put down his tray, trundle into the dining room and then come back into the lounge and look a bit upset.  Matt then took himself upstairs, got his notebook and pen and came back downstairs.

A good 10 mins or so later, he brought his notebook to me and showed me

I couldn't make head or tail of it.  Was it something I'd said?  Did he want to tell me something? 
After struggling to explain it, Matt eventually gave up and sat back down but I could tell he was still upset.  Eventually he took me upstairs and showed me the phone.  Did he want to call someone?  Was it about his iphone which is water damaged? 

I then realised that he'd gone into the dining room to answer the phone this morning and he'd spoken to someone.  However that still wasn't right.  Finally, I played the messages on the answerphone and there was a message from Katy in New Zealand.  She'd called while I was in the kitchen and I hadn't heard the phone.  Matt had gone to answer it but hadn't been able to get to the phone in time, however he'd heard who it was and wanted me to know.  By that time, it was a good 40 mins later and too late to call NZ.  Message delivered, Matt was relieved and happy and all was well with the world.

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