With Jenni in Banbury looking after Matt, I headed on down to London after work on Friday.  Friends from New Zealand were arriving in the UK after 2 and a half months travelling from Beijing, through Russia and down through the Baltic countries.  We all met up at sister Rachel's house on Friday night and spent the night catching up.

On Sunday we headed on up to Banbury so they could spend a couple days with Matt and me in Banbers.  By the time we arrived in Banbury it was pouring with rain so we all settled in for an afternoon at home, eating, drinking and catching up.  Matt was in good form and stayed up until just after dinner when, knackered, he headed on up to bed. 

Each morning we're looking out for a letter from Dr Stewart about Matt's chemo treatment at the Horton Hospital.  Frustratingly, nothing has arrived yet.  Matt asked me to call Claire and Fred today as he said he felt his right side getting even weaker and it felt achy.  Claire agreed that we could increase his steroids up to 8 mg - the amount he was on last April.  She also emphasised how important quality of life was for Matt now.  First glance at Matt, he still looks fit and healthy.  It's only when he can't say what he wants or struggles to open a packet or limp upstairs that you realise he's remarkable in the way he's living with his tumour.

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