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The wild, wet, windy weather has found us whether or not we're in Scotland!  We had planned to head up to Nairn with the Mackays for half term - we were both looking forward to a break  - however the thought of travelling all the way up there was just too much so we cancelled and we now have a week together in Banbury!

Not all's lost thought, Matt's chemo treatment is due to start.  On Tuesday afternoon Matt's going to pop in to the Brodey Centre to meet the nurse and she'll explain the treatment - give us the emergency numbers etc.  The Brodey Centre is so different from Ward 621 at the QE Hospital. Ward 621 feels like it's all about process, procedures and a never ending battle to keep up with the sheer number of patients needing chemo.  The Brodey Centre on the other hand feels a little like you're going into someone's lounge, much smaller and much more personal.

Chemo proper - Carboplatin and Etoposide - starts on Wednesday afternoon at 1500.  Dr Spooner has reduced the dose as it's most commonly used for lung cancer and also to take into account the sheer amount of chemo Matt's had over the years.  This means that rather than having three days of treatment, we'll just have the treatment on day one followed by an injection to boost his white blood cells on day two. 

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