The strong stuff

Matt's back on the strong stuff - dexamethasone.  4 mg a day (he was on 8 mg last April) so I'm just waiting for his increased appetite to kick in!

Just a day after increasing his steroids, his speech is noticably easier.  He's now able to say "black coffee" instead of struggling between saying tea or coffee & deciding which of them he wants.

Despite Tommy's bid for a take over, Matt's still got spirit.  Yesterday afternoon he was sanding down the kitchen counter, trying to get the water marks out the wooden surface.  Unfortunately it's just been sanded and not polished or sealed...  Maybe this afternoon?

Although Matt's still got spirit, he's also sleeping more and starting to not feel so great - and that's while he's not on any chemo.  I'm dreading the new treatment however Matt's still keen to get it started.  We're still waiting to hear when this will be and whether or not Matt can receive the treatment at the Horton Hospital in Banbury.

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