Boy's toys

Matt's new bed arrived on Monday morning.  It's a proper posh hospital bed and it fits perfectly into our dining room with just enough room for a futon for me and a basket for Syra!  Matt spent a good half hour this afternoon testing out all the different positions the bed could get into and ended up stranding himself on the highest position, tilted rather precariously downwards!  While he still struggles to get in and out of bed, at least he's able to sit himself up and it's so much easier for him to get to the lounge and then back to bed.

The speech therapist came this afternoon.  He was put on the waitlist back in August - when help with his speech would have been really beneficial.  It was a long and tiring session for Matt.  He struggled to even associate pictures with words like shower, clean teeth and food.  That makes us feel a little better for not being able to understand Matt when he gets aggitated.  It's so frustrating for everyone - you know he wants something but he's unable to tell you what and he can't just get up and do things by himself.

Despite it all, the boy's still got attitude.  He's enjoyed visits from brother Jim on Saturday and Luke today.  While Matt may not be able to join in the conversation, he's able to understand and appreciate a good joke or yarn.

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