Within hours of Karen visiting us, we had confirmation that a hospital bed would be delivered on Monday, a comode and wheelchair were ready for us to collect and that Matt's steroids should be increased from 8 mg a day to 16 mg a day.  There are some truly oustanding nurses in this world.

We increased Matt's steroids on Friday morning.  His speech has freed up a little in the fact that he can now say words, however they're random words which he strings together such as "If I sold a soldier".  (That was in reply to do you want to go to the bathroom?)  Unfortunately they haven't helped with him being able to say "yes" or "no".  If anything, Matt's showing signs of confusion.  He'll suddenly stand up and want to get somewhere but he's not sure where he wants to go or for what reason.  He's also obsessed with tidying things away off his bedside table and out of his drawers.  Very soon he'll be tidying me away!

The hospital bed will arrive on Monday which will be a huge relief.  Matt struggles to get himself comfortable in bed - he can't sit himself up.  His right side is too weak to push himself up on so he's almost always over balanced and uncomfortable.  There's also the relief of not having to get him up and down the stairs safely - it's become a 3 person operation now.

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