Fight over

My Matt lost the fight with Tommy on Tuesday 26 November at 0400.  Although he may have lost the fight, he definitely won the battle.  Ever since I've known Matt, he's lived his life, making every day count and never let the tumour get the better of him.

Matt's passion for teaching, for sharing his enthusiasm and passion for learning, and for making a difference shone through.  He was a determined bugger and only stopped teaching when it really was impossible for him to continue.  His other passion was travel and we did our best to experience as many places and cultures as possible.

Matt, you are my best friend and my inspiration.  You were surrounded by love these past 10 days which is testament to the impact you had on your friends and family.  

You're at peace now, no more struggle, no need to fight any more.  Rest in the knowledge that you will live on in all our hearts.  

You & me.


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