For Matt, what it was all about

From one of Matt's students - he taught her when she was in years 9 and 10, she's now year 12.

I had been quite upset about the loss of Mr Chadwick, and I was beginning to get upset earlier as well. He was such a great man, who I admired a lot, and by far one of my favourite teachers. I'll always have our memories I suppose; it's just a shame I never got to say goodbye or thank him.

He (Matt) used to call me Trevor, and when ever he did it always made me smile, I remember one time at parents evening he actually didn't know my real name because he had just always called me Trevor! And if I was ever down he used to say "cheer up trev" and instantly I felt like I had nothing to worry about, I think anyone could go into his lesson feeling awful and come out on top of the world.. He was brilliant.
I genuinely thought he was going to get better, that's probably why it's so upsetting. He will definitely be missed.


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