Karen the community nurse

Well last night was a bit hairy.  After spending most of the day in bed, Matt came downstairs late yesterday afternoon.  Shortly after dinner Matt was tired and wanted to head up to bed.  Usually someone hovers close by as Matt goes up or down to the stairs just in case Matt needs catching however last night, Matt was so weak that it took Mal pulling and me pushing and eventually we managed to get Matt back upstairs. 

With Matt getting weaker day by day, we needed to have some other options so he didn't become bed bound and isolated upstairs.  I chased up my request to see the local Macmillan Nurse, and Karen Pope from the Katherine House Hospice came out to see us today. 

Tomorrow we need to convert the dining room into a downstairs bedroom for Matt and, if all goes to plan, next week we will be lent a hospital bed - one of the mechanical ones so that Matt can sit himself up and lower and raise the bed at the push of a button.  On a less glamourous note, we'll also be lent a comode so Matt doesn't have to make the hike upstairs just to go to the bathroom!


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