Matt's back home

Matt was discharged from hospital around 1530 yesterday.  He couldn't get out of there soon enough.  Straight after his abdominal x-ray he abandoned the fetching hospital gown, put his clothes back on and was itching to get out the door.  Rather than have to wait around for his antibiotic prescription they said he could go and I could pick it up later.

The occupational therapist was at home when we got there, setting up Matt's new kit.  He's got a hand rail on the bed, a booster toilet seat and frame and a very posh new bathroom chair.  Matt was assessed by Polly the OT in the hospital and she was really helpful.  Unfortunately there's not much we can do to make the stairs easier - it may be that Matt spends more time upstairs.

The doctor seemed to think that medically, Matt was fine.  His temperature had come down and the best place for him was at home.  However, on leaving, he did say for Matt not to be surprised if he needed to pay another visit to A&E in the near future... 

Matt truly is one double hard bastard.  He was still determined to do everything himself yesterday despite only having 2 or 3 short sleeps in the past 24 hours.  The tiredness go the better of him once he was home though as when we took up his dinner tray, he had a sip of drink and then vomitted.  After a good sleep, his colour is much better this morning and he's tacking his bowl of porridge with gusto.

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