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We had a Prof appointment at the QE Hospital at 1400 today.  Last night we all thought this was the perfect time - not too early - we could have a bit of a sleep in, get up, walk the dogs, get Matt up and bathed and head off to Birmingham just after 1230.  None of us expected to be up from 0300 with Matt as he struggled with his constipation until he finally felt relief at around 0430 and we were all then able to head back to bed!

Despite the broken sleep, Jenni and I both woke early.  We left Matt to sleep in and took him his breakfast around 1030.  Before I knew it, it was 1230 and time to get the wheelchair and Matt in the mini and head on off up to Brum.

Mal, Jenni, Matt, Luke and I all turned up for the appointment with the Prof.  Professor Cruickshank's been such a big part of Matt's life since 1999, all the Chadwicks have so much respect for him.  Today's appointment was rather tough on everyone though, facing the reality that the chemo doesn't seem to be working - Matt no longer seems receptive to it.  His health isn't well enough to be put down for clinical trials and because of the type of tumour he has, surgery isn't an option.   The Prof's all out of options.  Now it's all about quality of life and enjoying our time with Matt - no regrets.

Matt, the double hard bastard that his is, seemed to take this in his stride.  He still has determination in his eyes. Tommy's got a fight on his hands if he's going to take this double hard bastard down.

Prof Cruickshank


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