Surrounded by love

Matt's got a wonderful family and circle of friends.  The house hasn't been quiet since Friday as friends and family want to come and visit the double hard bastard.  It's been fantastic for Matt too as his face just beams when he sees his friends.

Matt's nephew Theo came to visit Matt on Saturday and every morning since then he's been waking at 0600 to call up and check how Matt is, speaking to him on the phone and sending him virtual cuddles.

Our partners in crime, Jim and Debbie have been tag team visiting Matt and making sure we've been well fed with lasagnes and cottage pies.  Dr Leak has been visiting between clinics and Matt's done his best to prove all Dr Leak's pronouncements wrong.  Johnny Jester has let us down by not seranading Matt, but has made up for it by being at Matt's bedside for two days.  The biggest love went to Chrissy boy Martin though - coming up from London by himself, arriving at Banbury station without knowing where to go!  He'd been texting Matt's phone, which hasn't been working since it got water in it nearly two months ago.  For each visit Matt's found a burst of energy and renewed determination to keep fighting - he's living on love.

All the Concord ladies have been texting and emailing, sending their love which Matt has been lapping up.  The lovely Locky arrived with a bag full of supplies to put the Concord common room spreads to shame and Dr Bock is arriving this morning.  

Let's not forget Matt's family, keeping normality going and reminding us of life outside of the bubble that is number 3.

Chrissy boy Martin, Jim bob, Jonny Jester, Leaky


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