Pre chemo

After the seemingly endless weeks of limbo all of a sudden, with the diagnosis confirmed, life became a virtual whirlwind as I handed over control to the chemo gods.

While there were many things I didn't have control of, there were plenty I did, and there was lots to do before I encountered my first round of chemo.  First and foremost was finding a place to live. Thankfully work were fantastic and gave me time to get my head around the diagnosis, allowing me to spend a day viewing flats in South London.  Of course it was the first flat I viewed that I decided to  put an offer in on, and waited nervously to see if my offer (yes, an offer to rent a flat) had been accepted.

Second priority was support.  I have been truly blessed with amazing friends and family who have been there for me, constantly picking me up, sorting me out and sending me on my way again for as long as I can remember now.  Yet again, everyone rallied around.  Sister Rachel booked her flight over from NZ to be with me pre and during cycle 1 of chemo.  Friends were dropping everything to come to appointments with me, taking time off work, booking hotel spa stays...  It was quite a surreal two weeks but the love and support I received carried me through.  It's difficult to express in words the gratitude for everyone's selfless giving of time and love but it's what's kept me going and I'm eternally grateful.

One piece of pre-chemo advice which I particularly love Breast Care Nurse Alison for was to have a manicure and pedicure.  Apparently, the chemo doesn't affect your nails as much if you have dark polish on.  Who knew?  So it was on Saturday that I found myself being pampered with a mani pedi for medical purposes!!!

Breast Cancer Pop Up Booth, Covent Garden


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