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It's strange how one thing can change your life forever.  While you may no longer be in control, after seeing Matt live for 14 years with his cancer, I fully believe your state of mind plays a powerful role in how well and how long you live with cancer.  Matt wasn't called a double hard bastard by his Prof for nothing!

Turmeric latte
So, chemo started and thankfully the affects are not nearly as bad as I'd dreaded, my dream team of supporters (MDRBFHFE) rally around.  Not known for my cooking skills, it's decided the best way to get nutrients into me quickly is by juicing so a Nutri bullet has been purchased.  Who knew you could juice fruit and veggies and not just blend cocktails?!  Turmeric is suddenly added to everything and I fear I may start looking as orange as Trump with the amount I'm consuming.  It's organic fruit and veg all the way with alcohol reserved for special occasions.

I'm told about Penny Brohn UK which focusses on living well with cancer and offers courses so I registered for the Living Well with the Impact of Cancer course.  (Thanks Abi) They also offer courses on nutrition and complementary therapies.

I discovered Breast Cancer Haven in Fulham, which is a sanctuary in a converted church just off the main road that offers complementary therapy.  Not one for needles, ruling acupuncture out, I'm offered shiatsus massage and reflexology treatments.  

There's a hair loss group session, Headwrappers, a Look Good Feel Better workshop and counselling offered through Dimbleby Cancer Care.  

It's incredible just how much help and support is available considering how little there was for brain tumours five years ago.  These are just the few that I've been told about or come across, I haven't had to go out of my way to look for support so I'm sure there's a lot more on offer out there.  I fully intend to use and abuse all possible support networks to get me through this and out the other side.

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