Treatment plan

While it wasn't great news, it was a relief to finally have the diagnosis confirmed so my treatment plan could be finalised. It seemed like I'd been in limbo for ever and a day. As the cancer had metastasised, this meant the proposed treatment would change and I'd need still more tests.

Dr Sandri proposed six cycles of: Pertuzumab, Trastuzumab (Herceptin) and Docetaxel for the breast cancer and Zoledronic Acid for the bone cancer and osteoarthritis.  Before I could start this little cocktail of drugs, I needed to see the dentist as the Zoledronic Acid could cause the jaw bone to die (thankfully got the all clear there), I needed an echo cardiogram to check my heart could cope with the Trastuzumab, a coil marker in my breast and another MRI and X Ray to check the areas of concern in my spine and pelvis.

Due to the potency of the drugs, for the first cycle, I would have each one separately to make sure I didn't have any adverse reactions.  The team at Guy's Cancer Centre were fantastic at getting me in for all the extra tests and scans and I was able to consent to treatment on Thursday 26 April, with the first cycle of chemo scheduled to take place on Monday 30 April and Tuesday 01 May 2018.


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