Breast Cancer Haven

When you're diagnosed with cancer, you're handed a wad of booklets and information which you dutifully take home and put in a pile.  For me, it was weeks before I could face reading through the booklets, however the Macmillan booklets are really well written, simple but informative.  In amongst all the information was a pamphlet on Breast Cancer Haven.  They're a charity that offers help and support to anyone with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Haven is in a converted church in a side street in Fulham.   Walking through the doors, you really do get a sense that it's a haven.  There's something very calming and tranquil about the space.  I met with Sonia, who asked me about my story and then offered me a variety of support options to meet my individual needs.  There were group sessions, yoga classes and complementary therapies to choose from.  Breast Cancer Haven provides 10 sessions of complementary therapy, and Sonia recommended acupuncture.  Acupuncture is based on the theory that electro-magnetic energy known as 'qi' flows along channels in the body called meridians.  Stimulating acupuncture points along these meridians can support health and wellbeing, reducing physical and emotional symptoms.  Not keen to encounter any more needles than I had to, I politely declined and was offered shiatsu massage (acupressure) and reflexology as an alternative which sounded much more appealing.  

While it's not the easiest to get to Fulham and Breast Cancer Haven, it's good to have a reason to get out the house.  While the shiatsu massage isn't really like a massage at all, there's something very calming and restorative about the treatment that keeps me going back for more.


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