Chemo cycle 2

With the PICC line in, I wouldn't need any more needles, the chemo would be infused through the cannula in the PICC line 😃.

As part of my preparation for chemo, I've started a tradition of going to the theatre the night before my treatment.  My cycle 2 chemo buddy, Fiona (a friend from intermediate school visiting from NZ) and I went to see Chess.  We'd seen it at the theatre in Christchurch years ago so it brought back some memories!  I have another tradition, which is to get a pedicure (purely for medical purposes) so on Wednesday morning I went round the corner to Caroline's, who has a treatment room at the Balham Lodge.

My appointment was in the afternoon, at 1430 however the chemo ward was super busy so I wasn't hooked up until after 1500.  With 4 drugs to infuse, I ended up being the last person on the ward, finishing just before 1900.  Bless the nurses on the ward who remained friendly and didn't show any signs of irritation that they'd had to stay late to see my treatment through.

Pillow is hiding my new flamingo shorts!


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