Chemo cycle 3

Hit by a bus.  I thought I'd had it easy with the first two cycles of chemo.  Well, bloody hell, it got me good and proper this time.

Cycle 3, Weds 13 June.  Half way through - it was going to be a good day.  I was even given a side room with bed for my treatment rather than the purple lazy boys.  (Unfortunately most of the buttons to move the bed were broken so it wasn't as much fun as anticipated.)

Following treatment, there was nothing out of the ordinary apart from a small knot in my tummy.  I'd promised my brother a curry on Thursday evening but feeling exhausted, we opted to have it delivered rather than going out for it.  I chose a korma, thinking I was being sensible with a mild curry.  I ate, went to bed around 1930 and fell asleep only to wake at 2230 with my body in full out war with me.

Like clockwork throughout the night, every two hours I woke, headed to the bathroom and embraced the toilet where, from one end or other of me, I filled the bowl, sometimes from both ends!  

Friday morning my temperature was 38.1 so I called acute oncology and they said for me to come in. On a gorgeous sunny summers day, I spent the day dozing in bed in acute oncology as they ran tests to check my bloods were ok and tried to rehydrate me.  Blood tests were all fine - it was just the joys of chemotherapy.  I was discharged with a prescription for cyclizine and went home to bed.

Saturday was spent between bed and the sofa and trying to drink water which I really didn't want to drink.  Sunday morning my brother left to go back to the States and I then went back to bed.  Monday I had tickets to go to watch the tennis at Queens but that went out the window as anything that was going in me was coming straight out of me with vengeance.   Tuesday morning I ate breakfast and had a good morning but then crashed in the afternoon and had another rough night.  On Wednesday, one full week after cycle 3 I was finally able to stomach my morning coffee.  Hallelujah!

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