Losing it...

Well, not totally lost it, just my hair.

17 days after my first chemo treatment my hair starts to come out in handfuls.  I'd been offered the option of trying to save my hair by using a cold cap, however with hair like mine, it was kind of a blessing that it would all fall out and I could start over again after chemo, so I declined. I'd also heard that the cold caps are like an incredibly painful brain freeze.

Now that my hair is starting to fall out, what is the protocol?  Do you let it fall out gradually or do you just get it over with and shave it off?  I've never seen anyone in the hairdressers having their head shaved so I'm guessing if you do go down the  shave it off route, you do it at home.

If I let my hair fall out gradually, I'd spend the next week sweeping up carpets of my hair.  Needless to say I chose the shave it off route - rather that than wake up with it all over my pillow.  Thankfully I knew just the people to help me with the task - although I don't know who was more traumatised by the process, me or them!


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