Physio at Guy's Cancer Centre

As the cancer has spread to my bones (spine and pelvis) and my pubic ramus is fractured, I walk with a limp now (some would call it a waddle).  The limp, while not cool, is distinguished.  What worries me is the possibility of spinal cord compression in the upper chest and legs/bladder areas which would be debilitating.  It also means impact sports are out so no more running.  Gutted.

To help strengthen my back and get me fit again, I was referred to physio.  Yet again, I am so thankful I'm at Guy's Cancer Centre as it's all integrated and there's a gym in the cancer centre and my physio was the lovely Holly.  Holly reassured me that spinal cord compression wasn't inevitable and I'm determined to make sure it doesn't happen on my watch.

Physio at Guy's Cancer Centre offers 1:1 sessions, mindful movement and classes.  Not feeling very confident about my fitness levels at the moment, I opted for 1:1 sessions to build up to join the classes.  I'm also on the wait list for mindful movement.


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