Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) and Breast Cancer Haven asked for people to share their story and be part of their fundraising and awareness campaign for BCAM.

Having seen how Brain Tumour UK has grown from a tiny charity to the Brain Tumour Charity by people fundraising and raising awareness of brain tumours, I want to do my part to share the positive impact Breast Cancer Haven has had on my cancer journey.

While I am undergoing treatment, I am forever grateful for the 10 sessions of complementary therapy that is available to me through Breast Cancer Haven.  With no nausea or major side effects after my first two cycles of chemo, I thought I was going to sail through all 6 cycles.  I wasn't so lucky after the third cycle and unfortunately had to cancel my reflexology session at Breast Cancer Haven as I couldn't make it to the appointment as I wasn't well enough to leave the flat.  To help me prepare for cycles 5 and 6 of chemo, I have tried to schedule my shiastsu massage and reflexology appointments just before and just after treatment in the hope that they will hopefully help my body prepare for and adjust to the chemotherapy treatment.

In preparation for the BCAM campaign, the lovely people at Venth Studios donated their studio space for the day, the gorgeous Kim Lyzba donated her time to do our make up and Keith Rogers made sure everyone was comfortable and relaxed as he took our photos.  Thank you for so generously donating your time and making it a really fun experience.

Can't wait to see the campaign in October!


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