Chemo cycle 4

Monday 2 October, Oncology appointment with yet another oncologist whose name I didn't catch.  As last my last chemo session, cycle 3, marked the half way point in my chemo treatment, they had requested an ultra sounds and CT scan and then an MRI, however with waitlists etc, I only had my ultra sound before my oncology appointment on Monday.  The good news is, the ultra sound, which showed my tumour as being 35mm had reduced to about 28mm.  (However the pre chemo MRI showed the tumour as being 55 mm so it will be interesting to get the MRI results when they finally come through.)

As I had a rather horrific time after cycle 3 and ended up back in acute oncology, the team needed to check that Docetaxel, a rather potent chemo drug, was still the best drug for me.  As I managed to bounce back after an awful 7 days, they were happy to continue with it but starting on day three after chemo treatment, I would need 8 days of Filgrastim to boost my white blood cells.

Round 4 of chemo was scheduled for 1430 on Weds 4 July.  I had a busy morning with physio and then an MRI scan and then chemo.  However there were long delays waiting for the MRI so that meant my 1430 chemo moved back to 1600 and I didn't get out until nearly 2000.  A long day for me but at least I could relax in my bed, not like the nurses who had 30 patients to treat in a 20 patient ward and still had to do all their paper work once everyone was treated.  I just wish the NHS could pay these nurses their true value, they are awesome.

All settled for an afternoon of chemo in my side room!


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