Cycle 5

I was feeling good after my positive oncology appointment on Monday - the treatment appears to be working and I had bounced back after my temperature spike following cycle 4.  However, my latest blood tests showed my liver function was slightly higher than normal so I need to go back in for another blood test next week.  Fingers crossed it doesn't show anything adverse with my liver, not now when I'm so close to the end of treatment.

I was back in the purple chair in suite B again this time.  My appointment was scheduled for 1330 and I was in the chair and hooked up to my drug supply shortly after 1430.  The infusion for the four drugs now down to 2 hours 15 mins plus extra time for a saline flush between each drug however it was still 1800 before I was back out on the streets of London again.


With the heat wave in London, I'm taking extra care to make sure I get enough fluids in me to stay hydrated and to flush the chemo out my system.  I've also realised it's much better for me to get out to the park where it's cooler than my sauna of a flat.  I'm really hoping that I won't have a repeat of the nausea and vomiting from cycle 3, or the temperature spikes following cycles 1, 3 and 4.


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