Living Well With Cancer - relationships & community

Living Well With Cancer at Penny Brohn covered the mind & emotions, spirit, body and relationships and community.  The easiest one by far for me to reflect on was the relationships and community.  

From diagnosis, I have been overwhelmed by love and support and am grateful that my initial fear of having to go through this alone hasn't come to fruition, rather I feel like I've been carried through the treatment by those around me.  While most people dread chemo, I've been able to "look forward" to it as it's meant having someone come and stay with me and being able to spend quality time with that person as they're at home, with me and about the only thing I have energy to do is talk.  

My problem, and a very good one to have, is juggling between getting enough time for me so I can rest and recuperate and spending time with the wonderful people I'm surrounded by.  Reflecting on this at Penny Brohn reminded me of the Dunbar Number which is based on the number of people we can maintain a meaningful relationship with.  The video below explains it way better than I could, but the really interesting part for me is around the 2:20 mins.  All I can say is I must have a huge neo cortex to be able to maintain meaningful relationships with all you wonderful people!

Many people go through life chasing success, however, with my support network, I feel like the most successful and privileged person in the world right now.  


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