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Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is the only international cancer support charity that helps women and teenagers manage the visible side effects of cancer treatment.

LGFB goody bag
On Tuesday 10 July I was privileged to attend a LGFB make-over session at the Dimbleby Cancer Centre at Guy's Hospital.  When you're on chemo, you've got so much going on inside you, playing havoc with your hormones and emotions, that it feels almost impossible that you could look good.

While I've loved the time I've saved not having to wash, dry and straighten my hair, it has made me feel less feminine.  Once upon a time, I wouldn't leave the house without a full face of make up, however since I've started chemo, I think I've put makeup on once and that was after the LGFB session.

As a side effect of the treatment, my eyes have become dry and to compensate, they water, which then results in my eyes streaming.  I'm also a little bit paranoid that if I wear mascara, it will make my eye lashes fall out quicker than if I don't wear eye make up.  The lovely volunteers at LGFB assured me that so long as I gently wiped the mascara off each time, it wouldn't affect how quickly my eyelashes fell out.

Nathalie, one of the super lovely LGFB volunteers made me feel so relaxed and the session lots of fun as we played with the products in our goody bag and went through a 12 step make-up programme.  Not an easy feat - 12 ladies in a small room, each with a bag full of goodies to be tried and tested!  Thank you LGFB for allowing me to feel a little more like me.
The lovely Nathalie, volunteering for LGFB


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