Oncology results

A bit overdue but I've got the results from my halfway MRI and scan - it's not good news, it's bloody good news!!!

When they found out that the cancer had spread to the bone - metastatic breast cancer, they changed the chemo treatment - the chemo drug and changed from 8 cycles followed by surgery and radiotherapy to 6 cycles and then we'll see.  I had wondered about the "we'll see".  Why they wouldn't do the surgery and radiotherapy just because it had spread, surely it was vital to have the surgery now it had spread?  I got my answer yesterday in my Oncology appointment.  Traditionally, once breast cancer spreads, they didn't see the point in doing further treatment.  However, thanks to advances in research and the number of ladies living with incurable cancer, if someone responds well to chemo, surgery and radiotherapy options are back on the table.

So, the bloody good news is: initial MRI scan showed a lump of 5.4 x 4 cm and the half way MRI showed 4 x 2 cm lump, with a 50% reduction in the arm pit and only 1 lymph node affected.

For the bone cancer, apparently it's harder to tell whether anything has shrunk but they could tell that it was stable and no new growth!

Double hard bastard.

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