Remembering a life well lived

The one and only
As is tradition, 11 July calls for a trip to the Malverns to remember and celebrate the life of the one and only Matthew Chadwick.  Naturally, this started with dinner at the family restaurant, The Kababish on the 10th of July.

One thing I learnt from Matt was to celebrate life, to have no regrets.  Matt saw his cancer as a gift as he was given 14 years where he lived life to the full.  Through cancer, he was able to understand just how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away from you.  This is one of the biggest gifts that Matt has given me and has helped me as I come to terms with my diagnosis.

I remember Matt inviting me on a short walk up the Malvern hills one evening way back in 2004 (?) which ended up with us limping back home after hours of walking as "we" took the wrong path down the hill and ended up God knows where!

After the incredible weather we've had in recent weeks, I was worried it might be too hot, and I might be too fatigued to even attempt the walk , however 11 July was a gorgeous warm day, perfect for a slow and steady stroll up the Malvern's.  We stopped by the French Bakery, Le Delice, for some ham, cheese and bread, (Matt's favourite) so we could picnic with him.  It was a slow walk up, but I made it and it was such a treat to be with our Syra again too.

Looking a little older but still sassy!


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