Breast clinic appointment

So I had an appointment with Mr Kovacs at the Breast Clinic today.  Following on from my oncology appointment on 23 July, where the possibility of surgery was discussed, I was hoping I'd get some answers and a bit more clarity today.  Unfortunately, my case hadn't been discussed at the MDM (multi disciplinary meeting) on Monday so it was just a matter of meeting the surgeon, Mr Kovacs, discussing the possibility of surgery and coming back again next week to find out whether or not they would go ahead with surgery and radiotherapy.

It was all a bit frustrating and felt like a waste of time.  What was the point of me going all the way in to Guy's Hospital to learn nothing new?  The only positive thing from the meeting was that my surgeon had been changed from the arrogant Mr Douek to the much more personable Mr Kovacs.  However, next week Mr Kovacs will be away on holiday so it will be yet another surgeon that I meet.

What was confirmed today was that usually, when cancer has spread from the breast, they don't do surgery or radiotherapy on the breast as the secondary cancer - where it has spread to - is the main area of concern.  However, as people with primary breast cancer and secondary bone cancer have good survival rates, they are now making decisions regarding surgery on a case by case basis.  I also learnt that if I have surgery, it goes in hand with radiotherapy.  The surgery would take place 4 to 5 weeks after the end of  my chemotherapy treatment and the radiotherapy would be every day (Mon - Fri) for three weeks starting about a month after surgery.

The final thing I learnt from today's appointment was their decision to operate or not would be based on my mid treatment scans, the bone scan in particular.  They would not wait for the scans post treatment to make a decision.

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