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Anyone who's gone through chemo knows it plays havoc with just about everything in your body, including one of life's greatest pleasures, food.  

"About 80% of people undergoing chemotherapy find that the treatment robs them of their ability to taste. This not only makes food unpalatable for them, it takes away one of the pleasures of life. Founded by Ryan Riley, and with the help of pioneering research from Professor Barry Smith of the University of London - a world authority in taste and the senses - Life Kitchen creates recipes and holds cookery classes to help those living with cancer to experience the comfort and delight of flavour again."

According to The Guardian, Ryan's neighbour just happens to be Tom Cenci, the executive chef at Duck and Waffle.  They got talking, realised both their parents went through chemo which altered their enjoyment of food and so the perfect collaboration was formed - cookery classes at the Duck & Waffle.  Duck doughnuts and pineapple tacos - what's not to like?

To book a place in the class (or add your name to the wait list), email

If you live further south, then keep your eye out for Life Kitchen cookery classes at River Cottage on the Devon/Dorset border.

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