I'm getting new boobs!

I had my second appointment with the surgeon on Thursday 9 August.  Unfortunately Mr Kovacs was on holiday so I saw the dreaded Mr Douek.  My appointment was at 10 and shortly after I was called in for my appointment.

This time Mr Douek introduced himself and the students in the room.  It must have been a really bad day last time as he was much more affable this time.

I was examined and Mr Douek could barely feel the tumour and we then looked at the MRI scans from after my third round of chemo.  The tumour in the breast has shrunk considerably and the tumour in the lymph node is barely visible.  Woop woop.

Surgery and radiotherapy are definitely options, so now the decision is, which surgery to opt for - a lumpectomy or mastectomy.  Personally, I want the option with the least number of operations - this would be a mastectomy.  However after discussing the pros and cons, Mr Douek recommended a lumpectomy as the tumour is on the side of the breast making it easier to take it out.  He would also just take out the cancerous lymph node and a few around it rather than taking all the lymph nodes out.

After the surgery, providing the results show that he's been able to remove all the cancerous tissue and nodes, I'll have three or four weeks of radiotherapy followed by an operation on my left breast to make it in proportion to my right breast.

If the results post surgery show Mr Douek hasn't been able to remove all the cancerous tissue, then I'll have a mastectomy followed by radiotherapy.

It was all rather overwhelming and a bit surreal - discussing in great detail whether or not my boobs would fluctuate in size post surgery as they have done throughout my life - and all with complete strangers!  I didn't think I was overly bothered about the surgery - as a runner, big boobs have been cumbersome, however, during the discussion I realised the one thing I didn't want was lopsided boobs.

I don't have a date for the surgery yet.  It's supposed to be between 4 - 6 weeks after the end of chemo however the soonest date Mr Douek could do surgery was 10 October!  I'll just have to wait and see what magic the NHS can work so I can get a date in the diary and make plans around it.

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