Nutrition and cancer

Eating healthily during chemo is so important - check any cancer website and they all advise a natural, fresh diet.  However, when your taste buds are playing havoc and you have no energy to cook, it's easier said than done.

Despite having best intentions, I've gone through fits and starts of eating healthily.  Sometimes visitors who have babysat me during week one of my chemo cycle, have been great cooks, whipping up incredible vegan delights.  Other times, it's meant resorting to Deliveroo and takeaway pizza.

Like most things, it's committing to a change and I now feel I have the headspace to start tackling my diet and having more healthy eating days than not.  Thankfully there's plenty of help and advice, some of it free, which I thought I'd share.

Penny Brohn offers a free nutrition consultation to either cancer patients or their carers.  They also have a session on nutrition on their Living Well With Cancer and The Approach courses.

CareAcross asks you for your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and then comes back with a semi personalised, research based treatment plan.  It takes them a couple days to get back to you with the plan but it's free so worth waiting for.

I've also been recommended the following nutritionists for their expertise in cancer:
Carol Grainger - she worked in bioscience research and medical technology before working in nutritional therapy.
Dawn Waldren - she offers a complimentary 30 mins initial consultation.  My consultation is booked for Weds 5 September so I'll be able to give more info about her service after that.

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