Freedom - released from hospital!

Today I finally get to say goodbye to bay 5, my home for the past 9 days.  It feels really strange to put proper clothes on and to think that tonight I'll be sleeping in my own bed.  You can't imagine my relief at hearing I can go home.

I'm also forever grateful to everyone who came in to see me and pandered to my requests to bring me in coffee, lunch or dinner.  It really helped alleviate the tedium and brought a smile to my face.  Medicinema has also been another god-send and I've been treated to two films, Blackklansman and The Spy Who Dumped Me.

It's a proper cinema - in hospital! 

I've felt like a fraud for most of my time in hospital, feeling well especially compared to others on Dorcas Ward however apparently the infection I had was a nasty one and not to be messed with.  It required one week of IV antibiotics which had to be administered every 6 hours day and night through the cannula.  I'll be going home with another week's worth of oral antibiotics.

The doctors want to wait to make sure the infection clears up properly before inserting another line so  my PICC line will be inserted again on Monday 24 September, in time for my next round of treatment on Wednesday 26 September.

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