Post chemo - next steps

My sixth and final round of chemo finished on Weds 15 August.  It was a huge relief to get through all six cycles without any delays.  Thank you my MDRBFHFE and dream team of visitors and supporters who got me through it.

With the end of chemo came another round of scans (MRI and CT) to check just how much the chemo had obliterated the cancer.  I'll get the results for these at my Oncology appointment on Monday 24 September.  I also hope to discuss my ongoing treatment proposed by my Oncology team of Palbociclib and Letrozole.

The w/c 24 September is turning out to be a busy week with scan results on Monday, pre-op appointment on Wednesday and another appointment with the surgeon, Mr Douek, on Thursday.  That's right, I finally have a date for my lumpectomy.  All going well, I'll have it on Wednesday 3 October.  I'm waiting to hear whether this will just be day surgery or if I'll have to stay in overnight.

I also have treatment again on Wednesday 26 September.  My Docetaxel (chemo) has finished, however I still need a three weekly infusion of Zometa, Trastuzumab (herceptin) and Pertuzumab.  I had this infusion on 5 September and thankfully didn't feel nearly as tired or have nearly as weepy eyes as I did with the Docetaxel so fingers crossed I'll continue to have little or no side effects from these three drugs.

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