First time I really feel like a cancer clubber

Travel insurance with a pre existing condition

Friday was the first time I really felt like a cancer clubber and that life will never be the same again.

Way back in June I took out some travel insurance.  It was a harrowing experience - having to say out loud "incurable metastatic cancer" and hearing the response, time after time, "sorry, we can't cover you".  Finally, through BIBA, I managed to find a broker, Insurancewith, that would cover me.  I was even more delighted when the quote wasn't exorbitant.  I declared everything and signed myself up.

Now that radiotherapy is on the cards (still no start date), I called Insurancewith to let them know more treatment was planned.  I was put on hold and a minute later informed that they could no longer cover me and my policy had been cancelled with immediate effect.  I was gobsmacked and lost for words.  I was suddenly a statistic, a risk and no longer a human being with a medical condition.  

At no point in the conversation was I asked why more treatment was being carried out or what the implications of the treatment would be.  Had they taken the time to treat me as an individual, they would have learnt that it meant my health was improving and I was less of a risk than I was when the first insured me.  Instead the girl from Insurancewith was so unsympathetic, at times rude and unhelpful.  

With my policy cancelled, it was back to BIBA again to try and find a broker who would insure me.  I was quoted something nearly 8 times the price of my original policy by All Clear Travel.  Not wanting to believe this was my only option I went back to BIBA.  They said only one other broker would consider me but once they had run through my medical history they couldn't cover me only so my only option was to go with the quote from All Clear Travel.  

As cancer affects more and more of us, I thought it would become easier to get travel insurance.  Apparently not as it's an antiquated tick box process rather than a policy tailored to people's individual circumstances.

Travel insurance with pre existing conditions


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