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Over 55,000 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year in the UK and this year I happened to be one of those women.  I've recently been asking myself "Why me?".

Realising that my lifestyle may have played a part in my cancer diagnosis, I'm seriously investigating complementary therapies and am making some life changes.  The two main changes I'm focussing on right now are exercise and nutrition.  It was difficult to make many changes while I was craving gherkins and starchy food on chemotherapy.  Now I feel like I have more head space and can give it my full attention.

I approached life coach, nutritionist and breast cancer survivor, Dawn Waldron and had an initial free 30 mins consultation with her.  We spoke about integrated oncology - what could be done to complement the medical treatments, the importance of a healthy gut and stabilising energy (stopping the afternoon slump).  I felt confident from our phone conversation that Dawn had the knowledge and experience to treat me as an individual rather than a generic cancer clubber.

To continue working with Dawn, I needed to sign up for the Introductory Package of two 1 hour phone calls.  These weren't cheap and I was debating whether I could afford it but thankfully Mum came to the rescue.  The first call discussed the importance of fasting - stopping eating at 8 pm and not eating again until 10 or 11 am.  Fasting restricts the fuel supply to cancer cells and promotes metabolic flexibility.  Dawn also recommended a ketogenic diet - cutting out carbs and sugar as these feed cancer cells.  We had looked at the ketogenic diet for Matt however decided not to proceed as it's really restrictive.  Initially I was concerned about feeling full, but Dawn's words, "a full stomach is a full stomach no matter what you've eaten."  (We need to train ourselves between) "the difference between feeling full and not being hungry any more?"  I realised it's a mindset thing and so far I haven't had the 'feed me' hunger pangs I used to have.

I delayed our second call as, before I went strictly ketogenic, I wanted to finish off the packet of Tim Tams and other treats I had in my cupboard!  Our second call focussed on what had worked and what I found difficult.  We talked through my inability to cook and came up with some simple meals that even I could rustle up, my favourite being the Turkish Aubergines.  One thing I did love was that I could still enjoy my coffee, cheese and occasional glass of wine.  Dawn then recommended I ask my GP for a few tests, some supplements (pro biotics, antimicrobial, turmeric spray) and sent through further information to help and motivate me to make these life changes.

I've been out for dinner twice since I started this diet and it's true, you can still eat out, it just takes a little adjusting and being super nice to the waiting staff so they convey the changes to the menu items to the chef!


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