Surgery results

More good news!  They only found 1.2 cm of cancer in my right boob and regression in the lymph nodes - ie it wasn't in the lymph nodes any more. The chemo was worth it.  🙌

So, chemo and surgery were both resounding successes.  The cancer has gone from my right boob and lymph nodes, I just have to manage the bone cancer.  My right boob is now a little smaller and perter than the left, but that will be rectified next year!

Following on from my appointment with the breast surgeon, I had an appointment with oncology to discuss my radiotherapy.  As the cancer has gone from the lymph nodes, it will just be radiotherapy on the right breast, just as a precaution in case any of those pesky cancer cells decide to set up shop in my boob again.

In a couple weeks, w/c 29 Oct I'll have a CT planning scan and get a tattoo - a couple permanent ink marks on my chest and side!  Who knew radiotherapy was so trendy 🤣.  It will then take a couple weeks for them to get everything ready and I should commence radiotherapy w/c 12 November for 15 sessions, or a total of 3 weeks.

After radiotherapy I'll start taking Letrozole, which is another name for Tamoxifen, the drug that kept Matt alive for 14 years.

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