Move More - keeping active during treatment

I was discharged from Guy's Cancer Centre physio in August and have been left on my own to keep myself moving and stop my back from seizing up.  When I was discharged, I was put in touch with Beth from Macmillan Move More.  Having put on serious amounts of weight during treatment as a result of not being able to move as much, let alone exercise, and from eating what I felt like, I was keen to see what Beth recommended.

We met at Tooting Library one afternoon and after going through a survey, Beth recommended that I join a local gym with a discounted membership through Enable and the Macmillan Move More scheme.  I decided to sign up at Balham Leisure Centre and Beth met me there to go through a few exercises on the weights machines I could do without causing any damage to my spine and pelvis.  Ideally, I'd swim however as I currently have a PICC line and am going to start radiotherapy, it's not an option.  I'm yet to venture down to the gym to do a session on my own and now that the cold weather is on us, it's a struggle to motivate myself to get out the house and do some exercise.

Just before I was diagnosed with cancer, I was enjoying pilates, yoga and body balance classes at the gym.  While I was struggling with a lot of the moves, it was a great way to stretch and relax.  Guy's Cancer Centre Physio offer a mindful movement class however you can't join it while you're on treatment...  I'd love to find a yoga instructor who has an understanding of bone cancer so I could get a routine together - if you know of anyone, please send me a message. In the meantime, a friend has recommended these therapeutic yoga stretches.

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