Radiotherapy - I have a start date

I saw Dr Christy Goldsmith on 15 October and we discussed radiotherapy.  The good news is, I only need radiotherapy for my right breast, not the lymph nodes. 🙌  The radiotherapy will hopefully prevent the breast cancer returning.  It can't do anything about it already spreading to my bones - that's being managed by the 3 weekly doses of Zometa.

CT scanner and position for radiotherapy
Before any radiotherapy can start, there's a rather complicated process.  Thankfully for me, it just involved lying down, keeping still, and getting inked!

On Tuesday I went in to Guy's Cancer Centre to have a CT scan and for the team to set the position for my radiotherapy treatment.  Thankfully this CT scan was just a donut scan - it wasn't as claustrophobic as some of the other scanners.  There was lots of adjusting as they got my elbows and wrists in the right place so I was comfortable holding them above my head for 20 mins or so.  I had a triangle under my knees and my feet flat on the board at the end.  Once I was in position it was time for inking.  Sadly, just three tiny dots, nothing spectacular, so they can line me up in exactly the same position for the 15 radiotherapy sessions.

My first radiotherapy session starts on Weds 14 November and I'll have 15 sessions in total.  Hopefully I'll be feeling well again by Christmas - they say the side effects are likely to worsen during the first two weeks after treatment... 😟


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