Radiotherapy update - 6/15

6 down, 9 to go and I'm into the routine now.  The first three sessions they took X-rays before each treatment to make sure I was lined up correctly.  They seem happy the radiotherapy treatment is targeting the right places so now I'm just having the radiotherapy.

By the end of the first treatment I had pins and needles in one of my hands so I wriggled it a bit to try and ease it and was told to lie super still!  The next two treatments I couldn't quite get comfortable due to feeling my back and I must have been wriggling as the radiographers recommended I take my pain meds to try and help me lie still.

I don't know what it is about this week, but there's been nearly an hour's delay waiting for my treatment each day.  When I do get called through, they spend as much time, if not longer, setting me up into the correct position as the treatment takes!  I'm slowly getting used to lying on the bed with my boobs exposed and pushed and prodded into the right position!  I thought I'd have a bit more banter with the radiographers but they're so busy, they don't seem to have time for much more than a hello before they start calling numbers out and I don't want to distract them.

I've been slathering myself in rosehip oil with niaouli and so far I don't have any burning so it seems to be working 👍.  What I do have, and I've only got myself to blame for this, is a slight knot forming.  Apparently I should still be doing my post surgery exercises.  I stopped doing them when I was able to move normally again.  Boob exercises have resumed and shall be conducted at least three times a day!

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