First session of radiotherapy done and dusted.

I had to be in at Guy's Cancer Centre for an 0830 pre radiotherapy appointment to run through what would happen each day.  I had thought the radiotherapy would be targeted as just the section of the boob that the cancer was but apparently it's the whole breast area.  This led on to a discussion about moisturising creams and making sure the whole area was slathered in cream to stop it drying out.

I've bought some niaouli essential oil and put it in a base of rosehip oil.  I'm really hoping this will do the trick.  I've got some aloe vera gel as well but have been advised only to use it to soothe any burning as it actually dries the skin out.

Pre radiotherapy over, I was sent to a changing room - in one door, change into NHS regulation issue gown, out the other door to wait on the chair for G5, Iris.  I was then taken through into a room, lay down on the bed and was put into position by the two radiographers with the assistance of laser lights and precise measurements.  Making sure I was in position took just as long as the actual radiotherapy.   It was different to expectations too - I thought it would be more like something you see on TV with laser lights and a burning sensation however apart from a slight whirring from the machine, there were no lights, no tingling sensations and I couldn't tell that anything was actually happening - all a little anticlimactic really!

Here's hoping the next 14 sessions go as smoothly. 🤞

Iris radiotherapy machine


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