What to buy someone with cancer - flowers right?

There's often a correlation between getting a cancer diagnosis and losing your sense of identity - suddenly it's the cancer that defines you and that's now the first thing people think of when they hear your name.

Suddenly you're relegated to the "must be sensible, practical and shrouded in cotton wool" category and your vibrant, fun loving self disappears.  For those of you who think I should find boxes of tea and pyjamas under the Christmas tree, think again.  Here are my recommendations!

Top of the list is a new discovery, non alcoholic gin by Seedlip, a god send as I love a good GnT but really need to limit my alcohol intake, especially as my breast cancer is HR+.

As a girl who loved her shellac, it was bitter sweet to learn that I shouldn't use shellac during chemo but it would help if I kept my nails painted with dark polish.  While this helped keep my nails looking good during my treatment, sadly I'm suffering now with my brittle fingernails cracking and painfully ripping way down the nail bed and my toe nails dying.  I'm clearly not alone with this and thankfully there are products such as the Defiant beauty nail oil to help.

Another thing cancer takes from you is massage and spa days. The angels at Made for Life recognised this and offer training so cancer patients can have therapies, even massage in the form of Cancer Touch Therapy and there are now a raft of Spas throughout the UK that offer treatment.  Love a good spa day.

On a more practical note, I've been recommended a Lumie Light to help with my insomnia.  When Matt was poorly he would wake me every two hours without fail and by 4 am I'd get up and start my day.  I still continue to wake during the night but now have the terrible habit of reaching for my phone to see the time and then that's it, I'm awake.  Lumie lights not only have a clock so I can see the time when I wake but they also have sun set and sun rise settings to help you fall asleep and wake naturally.

If you're not inspired by any of these ideas, never fear, I have a Pinterest page and yes, of course that contains handbags and shoes!

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