15/15 - last radiotherapy today!

Tuesday 4 December - it's a good day.  The last session of radiotherapy and the day my sister and nephew arrive 😍😍.

Apart from feeling incredibly tired, I wasn't feeling too bad with the radiotherapy until Friday.  That's when my right boob started going pink, became really sensitive and the skin became itchy.  I had my radiotherapy review on Friday and she mentioned the skin would keep reacting for at least a couple weeks after treatment and to be sure to continue moisturising.  I had thought it was just the tiredness that would continue after treatment.  Alas, it's the skin as well and I can feel my skin tingling now as I write.

I won't be sad to finish the radiotherapy.  Although I haven't had the nasty side effects as I did from chemotherapy, the daily schleps up to Guy's Hospital at London Bridge, waiting for my appointment, most days, up to an hour's wait, and then the schlep back home in the cold and wet, have made it difficult to get any sort of routine and been exhausting.

After today I'm hoping I can relax and enjoy all things Christmas πŸŽ„with my nephew and sister.

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