Last night I had a party to thank a group of girlfriends who have been my amazing support network, once again, seeing me through my diagnosis and treatment.  

The MDRBFHFE ladies met at Concord College, a summer school in Shropshire (incidentally where Matt and I met) way back in 2002.  We've had many an adventure since then but the most recent has been the ladies rallying around me and getting me through my treatment this year.  They really are incredible as not one of them lives in London and yet they've been with me at Oncology appointments where I found out the cancer had spread, at wig fittings, at A&E, visited me in hospital - bringing much needed clean underpants - done my rehab exercises with me after my op and come and filled my freezer with home cooked food.  On top of that, they've inundated me with the most inappropriate texts which has perked me up and kept me going.

With us all living internationally, it was a little too complicated even for me to organise a party where we could all be in the same place at the same time so it was the next best thing, a virtual party.  So, how do you have a party virtually?  Well, you set a date and time and send out party kits.

I decided to share my cancer journey with the ladies so the party kit contained:
- turmeric latte
- strong antibiotics (in the form of Shropshire gin)
- tattoo
- glitter
- chocolate

My tattoo
Thank you ladies, you are all awesome and I love you all to pieces.  Looking forward to catching up in person next year!

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